Friday, October 19, 2012


Amar Nath Mukherjee

There is a wonderful slogan coined by the Life Insurance Company – “Stay prepared, when you can not predict”. Between the lines the slogan suggests that everybody is to keep financially prepared so that one can manage the difficult period, during one’s life time, in case of sudden demise of the near or dear one to mitigate the suffering sustained.
But buying the insurance policy one can not escape or evade the future uncertainty. In the same vein, it can be suggested that everybody should have physiological insurance also as nobody can predict how our health will behave in future. Medical science is very categorical in its observation that one can certainly reduce the risk factors which inevitably increase as we grow old from the possibility of various diseases like heart attack, cerebral stroke, arthritis, diabetes etc. Those risks can not be eliminated and in view of which Insurance Companies selling mediclaim policies decline to entertain aged persons.
Therefore the other affordable and wise option lies is getting Physiological Insurance at any age of one’s life. To elucidate the terms and conditions and the benefits accrue out of the said policy are given here as under:
The policy will continue on daily premium basis that is to say unlike other policies wherein the policy holder has the option of paying premium either monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. Hence Physiological Insurance premiums have to be paid daily or at least five days in a week so that the policy does not lapse. However, as a premium one does not have to shell out money but only half an hour to forty five minutes of fitness activities like jogging or brisk walking preferably in the morning.
Now the dividend that one will derive out of keeping the policy alive is many. The first and foremost advantage that entails the fitness activities is the slowing down of the body’s ageing process. It can only be slowed down; nevertheless the gradual decline of our immune system can substantially be reduced if not arrested, with the increase of body’s fitness level, consequent to which our medical dependence will be significantly reduced. The risk factors of getting various ailments inevitably increase as we grow old. In spite of this, irrespective of our growing old the fitness activities will, to a large extent, keep our risk factors quite low.
Due to better physiological function of the body the pathogenic or any other autoimmune attack can not inflict significant damage on the body and hence the body will recover in shorter period of time with less amount of medical assistance.
By and large we inherit various traits from our parents, we also inherit various pathogenic syndrome as our genetic legacy which are genetically programmed so as to appear when we cross our midlife (i.e. about 40 – 45 years of age). Therefore, if we can maintain the slowing down of our ageing process, the occurrence of genetically acquired disorders will substantially be shifted to a higher age with lesser intensity if not an insignificant affection. Even if the person gets inflicted by any disease, the recovery will certainly be much faster than those who do not do any workouts; consequently the medical expenses will be quite low and not to forget, the agony and pain suffered during the disease period can not be reimbursed by mediclaim policies.
The other advantage that accrues out of regular workout is that our body’s immune system remains at a peak activity level as a result of which there is a lesser chance of getting multiple disorders simultaneously as it happens in the case of body’s very weak immune system.
Last but not the least, if we do not allow our physiological policy to lapse by regularly and religiously by paying the daily premiums as stated earlier our stress level (stress hormone) will be kept at a low level, which will also enable us to handle any stressful situation in our day to day activity and for our healthy body and mind, that is absolutely necessary for our peaceful living in this world.
Hence, I beseech each and every one of you irrespective of gender and age to buy a Physiological Insurance Policy forthwith otherwise it will be extremely difficult to live happily amid daily Tension, Pollution and Adulteration.

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