Thursday, June 29, 2017

              A.N. Mukherjee

Our life is like a pendulum which oscillates continuously between two extreme points; one extreme we may call is the CHANCE and the other extreme which we may call is CHOICE.

Now the significance of chance is that our existence into this world; or we can say that our living in this world is just a chance. Similarly the significance of the choice is our endeavour to exist.

Basically the choice is the moving force with which the pendulum’s oscillation is being sustained so as to be able to reach the other extreme; that is the chance of our existence.

In view of this, we must invigorate our endeavour for a healthy existence; as such any inadvertence in the endeavour will certainly result in substantial reduction in our chance of living in this world.

Hence we must methodically and regularly update our choice of healthy living and sincerely act on it.

Knowing thing and not acting on it is as good as not knowing anything. Therefore one must develop the habit of regularity, realization and responsibility. We are primarily responsible to maintain good health by adopting healthy lifestyle and food habits; otherwise we may have to finally admit in to CHIKITSA BYAPAR MANDI wherein lakhs and lakhs of money will be transacted out of our hard earned money making us a mute spectator of this illegal trade.

So far as to evade admission to the Chikitsa Byapar Mandi our regular work outs and proper food habits are the only salvation available.

Fundamentally we are all constitutionally different, as such, fitness type has to be oriented according to the age, our present physical condition and the ease with which the type that can be adopted. Self suggest or suggested fitness type carried out may not be good for elevating a good fitness level.

There is no point in suggesting an overweight person to start running or jogging for his weight reduction or a cardiac patient to suggest doing ‘Kapalbhati’ which may lead to an adverse effect on them.
In fitness activity there is absolutely no one-size-fit all proposition, therefore doing nothing is as bad as wrongly doing work outs; so it is essentially desired for an effective endeavour to sustain a longer healthy life span.

I, therefore, avidly beseech every one of us to sincerely devote at least 30 to 45 minutes to work out every day (at least five days in a week) as a sort of investment made for a healthy living.



Prabhat Verma said...

Very truly said in your article. Saadhuvad to you.
Long time is elapsed since you met. Are not visiting CSA now a days.

MMM said...

MMM said...

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Regards M M Mandal

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