Sunday, April 6, 2008


Amar Nath Mukherjee

The most nearest and formidable foe of mankind is Indolence.
Therefore it is extremely important to find out by dissecting Indolence physiologically and psychologically so as to find out its depth and dimension by which it jeopardizes the quality of our life.
Given hereunder a graphical representation of Indolence.

The representations have been made in two parts

(a) Psychological

(b) Physiological


Fig. 1

The figure shows that none of the psychological attitude viz will power, enthusiasm or sense of responsibility is strong enough to counteract the dominant power of indolence.

Fig. 2

The figure above shows that if all or at least one mental attitude is strong, the indolence factor is bound to be subjugated.

Now the question is, how we can convert the situation shown is fig 1 to the situation shown in fig2

Let us see first, why we do not get enough enthusiasm to undertake any action / task conducive to improving our quality of life.

The answer is (a) Lack of visible incentive (b) Fear of failure.

These two factors drastically demotivate us against preparing ourselves for the action.

Lack of Incentive

In our day to day activity we are very particular in our profession since we get the tangible incentive in return whereas we do not intend to spend little bit of time for proper maintenance of our health doing some sort of workout because the benefits or the incentives that we get out of the workout are not visible nor we can achieve or perceive the benefits in a short period of time.

Similarly if we feel apprehensive of the failure at the outset we shall never be able to gather enough enthusiasm to initiate any action.

Sense of Responsibility

The sense of responsibility is a strong motivator, which we can only imbibe by getting ourselves, involved with the activity and also increasing our level of awareness buy associating ourselves with the society, actively engaged with certain activity.

Will Power

The will power can be boosted up by getting oneself exposed to congenial environment and also associating onself with a strong motivator who can effectively inspire us for the proposed action we intend to undertake.

Physiological factors causing indolence

Fig. 3

Indolence caused due to physiological problems must be a case for medical intervention; nevertheless, mild to moderate workout under the guidance of the physician is essentially required to get over the fatigue syndrome thereby causing acute indolence.

The nature has provided us with extremely invaluable and spectacularly designed body organs at the beginning of our life process but due to ignorance, improper life style and addiction, we systematically jeopardize our entire physiological system quite earlier than its natural decay.

But the tragedy is that every body wants to remain in a healthy and disease free life, but he can not take required action in this direction only because of his lack of will power, and all pervasive indolence that demotivates and deactivates the individual to perform to reach his earnestly desired destination perhaps the Anatomy of Indolence may help the reader to identity and insulate the cause so as to be able to address our negativity effectively.

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