Sunday, April 20, 2008


Amar Nath Mukherjee

In our day to day activities, we decide our plan of action as per the ideas and various conceptions that we receive from our social and cultural interactions; during that process at times it becomes rather difficult to differentiate between Myths and Realities, moreover we prepare the actions and try to implement unmindfully resulting which of our actions are ineffective if not retrograde.

Hence it is absolutely necessary to consciously and logically dichotomize between Myths and Realities.

Listed below are some of those conceptions that we adopt in our lifetime:-



Nothing will happen physically and mentally once we regularly practice fitness actively.

Nobody knows what will happen to us tomorrow in spite of our having a regular fitness actively but we can surely and certainly reduce the risk factors of various diseases substantially but can not make it zero.

Since nobody can prevent and escape having physiological problems, there is no use practicing healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essentially required so as to substantially reduce the intensity of any infliction that may happen, also to effect faster recovery rate and lesser medical dependence.

By practicing Yoga and Pranayam, all types of diseases can be cured, be it Leucoderma or Lymphoma.

No panacea has yet been discovered; Yoga or other systems of workout are meant for prevention of diseases and not for its cure; medical help is required for curing diseases.

Young persons need not practice healthy lifestyle since they are much less prone to diseases.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is equally important for all age groups because by maintaining healthy workout one can decelerate the ageing process consequent to which there is a marked improvement of the brain chemistry and body’s immune system will significantly be strong to ward off any psychosomatic problems.

No medicine is required for any disease, particularly Diabetes, Hypertension etc. once one engages in Yoga or other workout.

Diabetes mellitus , Hypertension, obesity can not be permanently cured but can be controlled, hence medical management, workout management and diet management will have to be adhered to for controlling the said pathophysiological symptoms.

A particular type of workout or Yoga is suitable for every one irrespective of the physical status of an individual.

Each one of us is invariably different constitutionally; hence one type of workout may not be suitable for everybody.

Moderate to intensive workout is good for maintaining good health.

Moderate to intensive workout threshold is at variance from one person to another, hence at no point of time one should exceed his comfort zone during workout; since to much of exercise is as bad as not doing anything.

Persons bulging belly is indicative of his affluence.

Perilous paunch is responsible for triggering many gastrointestinal and heart problems on the contrary.

Yoga or physical instructor knows best how much exercise one should do regularly for fitness maintenance.

Nobody knows how much is too much and what is inadequate workout, it has to be determined by a trial and error method; first one should quantify the time duration and also repetition of the body movements and gradually establish ones comfortable workout zone.

Instructor can suggest various options suitable for a particular person.

One can remain healthy only by proper diet and medication as and when required.

For keeping a healthy body and mind, exercise is indispensable; with proper diet and workout one can be less dependent on medicines.

Brushing teeth once in the morning is enough for good oral hygiene.

Brushing twice after main meals and once massaging gums is desirable for maintaining good oral hygiene, which is essentially required for a healthy digestive organ and healthy heart.

Tons of theory is equal to an ounce of practice.

Practice with scant knowledge is an extension of ignorance; hence enlightenment on practice is absolutely essential for maximizing the benefits of the action undertaken.

Yoga and Pranayam are holistically enough for maintaining a good health.

There is absolutely no alternative to half an hour brisk morning walk.


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